Are You Afraid?


Eyes open,
Are you afraid?

You still feel broken,
Are you afraid?

Pain, you still feel pain,
Are you afraid?

You feel the rain,
So why do you feel afraid?

Kill your indecision tonight,
There is nothing to be afraid of.

Darkness welcomes you while you write,
So why feel afraid if the ideas come from above?

Do not be paranoid,
Just put everything on paper.

There is nothing to avoid,
Do not let fear be your shaper.

Still afraid?
No worries, it will fade.

Copyright © 2017 Manuel Osornio-emotionsoflife2016

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Wonder what it would have been like

If things had just gone right.

If I had just taken chances

And played a different tune with my circumstances.

I know I messed up so many opportunities

To see life without these insecurities.

I wonder, had I beaten a different path

If I’d be free from this wrath

That consumes me at times

And sends me reeling inside.

Guess I’ll never know,

And that’s what tortures me so.

Lack of knowledge is a curse,

Which cannot be offset by anything worse.

These aspects I’ll never know

Circle around my mind like blowing snow,

Freezing me deep in my core,

Making life difficult forever more.

If only I could see

What those chances would have got me;

Maybe then I could finally have closure

To issues that see no exposure.

But I’m just venting after all

Because solving everything is impossible.

But I…

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The Path Unknown



The Path Unknown

There was a road I longed to tread, with

Rotten leaves and words unsaid.

Unknown to all where this path leads,

Sanguine I stay, must trust my creed.

This hope shall lead my heart back home.

My joy subdues the more this body roams, but

Enchanted that my curiosity was fed.

Today’s post was inspired by the Daily Prompt: Fork

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Plea to the Destroyer


I’m so tired, yet I’d rather not sleep
I’ve had enough nightmares to last for weeks
Just when I think you’re out of my head
I’m haunted by things you still do or heard things you’ve said

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be you
To play all the games, tell the lies, mess with the lives you do
Doesn’t matter if it’s an adult or even just a little boy
What you can’t control, you destroy

You’re not even happy with your own life
“Misery loves company” so you wield your sharpest knife
However, you’re good at playing the victim when given the chance
I’m amazed at all who really know you but yet they still dance

With all these years of practice you’ve gotten it down
People are either disposed of or to you are bound
Isn’t it tiring to control so many people all the time
Maybe that’s…

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NOT MY SECRET...overcoming the shame of sexual abuse


“Was I supposed to be looking for a pedophile around ever tree?”

Yes mother, you were.

“Should I have not shaken his hand?”

No father, you shouldn’t have. He is a pedophile.

“What could we have done? You didn’t tell us enough.”

I told you both enough.


I lay here.

The sticks thrown,

Laying at my feet.

Lashes felt through out me.

I lay here,

As the green algae envelops me.

They won’t notice.

They scoff at my defeat.

“She’s just mentally ill.”

They say to disregard me.

To deflect my persistent screams.

They mock and minimize the anxiety.

My spine is crooked from their feet.

I said enough.

I shouted to the world.

But enough is not what they ever need.

“Silence!” The continue to plead.

I will never concede.

They want me down with the sticks

And the stones.

They want me covered in the mold.

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I Am A Run On Sentence (revisited)

Brave and Reckless

I am a run on sentence

Too many ideas

Ping pong in my head

Too many fragments of me

Run amok

Across the page of my life


No patience with punctuation

No place left to pause for breath


Always hurtling


Through space

Through time


Afraid to stop too long

To rest

Hesitant to contemplate

Each phrase on its own

In its weighty separateness


Wary of pausing

To consider






Reluctant to allow

Each element

Of my sentence

To just sit

For a moment

And breathe. . .

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Everything Can Change in a Second

Lynn Thaler

What can happen in a second?

  • A baby can take their first breath of life
  • A bullet can leave a gun, zoom through the air, and destroy a life
  • A smile can brighten someone’s day and lift their spirits
  • Expressing gratitude can make someone feel special
  • A harsh word, spoken in anger, can break a person’s spirit
  • A hug can bring heeling and peace to a troubled soul

A lot can happen in a second.  We can bring heeling, peace, and love to others.  We can also create destruction, agony, and death.  Every second matters, so use them wisely.


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