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I dive into your lies each and everyday, hoping to survive the drown, hoping to breathe a little, hoping to live for a while. -A.D.

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Errors and Forgiveness

Patricia J Grace

photo by Patricia

New paths, new ways of being, yet old haunts re-visit from time to time. It is unpleasant to experience ways of being from the past, where pain was my only friend. When the enemy was myself.

Every interaction brought doubt edging on the verge of paranoia. Did this person seem uninterested, indifferent, or in some other way emanating negative vibes because of me, or something I said or did?

These feelings loomed large, strong and constant, over every interaction. The load was very painful and a burden that needn’t have been carried at all. Though not completely free, there are moments when the cloud drops heavy and self-talk isn’t enough.   

To make a mistake caused such anguish that the pain doubled me over. Especially harsh on myself, it was my own flogging that brought the blood of remorse and the inability to forgive. To forgive my…

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Poesy plus Polemics

Survival “Survival” by Abe Weiner

the fight keeps the pain alive

hurting and living synonymous

suffering gives proof of life

wars of body and spirit waged

balls-to-the-wall without mercy

determined unwavering fearless

clenched fists steel-set jaw

gnashing teeth fury red in the eyes

ruthless weapons of weaponless

combat the courage entailing the

fight is what gives life its worth

at least that’s what I’ve come to

discover about my own truth

From my book Ephemera

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Samaritan Complex

Louise O'Connell

(About Les)

You said
You came to SAVE me
T’was your Samaritan complex
The rain’s tapping on the window
A downfall of a million nails

my child sleeps
arms wrapped warm
And peacefully
Round me.
love not gushing
all emotion drained
the rain drop
hit my eye
heart is AWOL
Schrödinger’s cat
dark and devoid.
Yet mechanically sound
If found.

I don’t feel saved.
I don’t feel saved.

I don’t feel saved.
I don’t feel saved.

I feel
destroyed and hollow.
And all that cum I swallow -ed.
may become part of me
Says science
some DNA
stored in my brain.

Emotions you deployed
You played and toyed
When you saw fit
when you didn’t get your way
Ar titulated..
and shunned
Slurs on character
Stitched me up
So? you said
A needle pulling thread
made from
spun words
How absurd
People believe
So easily
Rotting tongue…

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The morning race


You have a duty towards the people you care about. To bring the best in them. To push their limits and make them see the world under a better light. To support them and to challenge them. Make them grow as a person. For when you are yourself a great achiever the greatest gift is to see the impact you can have on those around you. Change the world. Change others. It starts with the people right in front of you.

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Asking For It

Heartstring Eulogies

“Before you point that accusatory finger
in my direction, remember this:
I never asked for it.”

The sun is setting and I feel the cold seeping into my bones. I feel the life bleeding out of my feet, leeching into the ground. And I stand here, breathing smoke into the sky. Because that’s all I have left to give — pieces of my broken spirit. And that’s all that remains after the vultures picked me apart. So before you point that accusatory finger in my direction, remember this: I never asked for it. I never gave the wrong signals. I didn’t deserve all you forced upon me.

And how could I have known better? I was barely old enough to walk, let alone understand what vile things you wanted from me.

If you wouldn’t blame a child, then why blame the teenager for going to a party? Why blame the…

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