The World Needs To Stop With The Hatred 

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Why is everyone so consumed by hatred? Everytime that the television or Internet gets turned on, we see so much violence against humanity. Our communities are falling apart because everyone chooses to live in constant contact with fear, causing major issues among each other. We live in an unstable world. Nobody wants to focus on their happiness, on their future. It’s your community that needs attention. I see people destroying properties from the past. History has been disrespected by hate groups. Violence is never going to stop, unless we all show respect for people around us. Help your neighbor in need and stop hating each other.

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Heart Breathings

there is only one map inside my head,
one that is imprinted in my heart,
and it leads to the man who waits for me,
the one whose smile makes me want him even more

love takes up all the space in my world,
but, want, I’ve discovered, is a world unto its own;
everything else drops off the map:
bodies of water, earthly masses,
friends, family,
the before, the after -
all of it gone

the only thing I can think about
is the road to him;
the stoplights, the pavement lines,
the flame-red door, the first,
finger-curling embrace,
the fire in his eyes

there is only one map inside my head,
one that is imprinted in my heart

and it always leads me home

-image via Tumblr, source unknown

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Bringing my mind to the present

In A Messy World

I’ve been unwell for the past two weeks.
I’d been staying up at nights, coughing through the long hours,
my fever rising,
and my bin overflowing with snotty tissues.

I’m still not 100%, but today has been one of the good days – mentally.

I was getting ready to have a nice, long bath.
I got undressed and I stood in front of the mirror.
I acknowledged that I am alive and I am breathing.
It’s one of the rare times I do this;
To acknowledge this and actually feel like it means something
rather than telling myself it for the sake of it.

I studied myself carefully.
My face. My body.
I studied the spots on my face;
I studied my eyebrows;
my brown eyes;
my nose;
and my lips.
I touched my face and felt its softness.
I traced my finger down my nose and all over…

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She…a short story

Rethinking Life

Photo from Pixabay

She lived alone on a very small planet…the only person, in the only house.  Her name was Minu, at least that’s what she called herself.   In truth, she was simply a She. Her lovely house was warm, cozy and filled with books.  The books kept changing, of course, since the minute she finished one, it faded away and a new one took it’s place.  Still,  the walls were filled with shelves, which were filled with books of every kind.  And if she wanted something in particular, the book simply appeared.  Minu was one of many Shes’.  When her time was up, someone would replace her, just as she had replaced the She before her. There always had been and there always would be a She, since that’s who held the universe together.  When Minu read a book it became part of reality and when she dreamed…

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I Am Getting Dizzy from Negativity #BeTheChange

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I don’t know about you, but the rancor in America is exhausting. Can we all please call a truce?

This is my Wish List:

  • Slow down when you drive. Better yet, how about driving the speed limit? Please try to remember that on ramp and that far right lane are for the zipper process. One after the other.
  • Smile more often. Seriously, a smile is infectious. Try it at the store. Car wash. Restaurant. Even Costco.
  • Hold the door open for someone. I guarantee you will get a smile back on this act.
  • Focus when you listen. Close that laptop. Walk away from distraction. It will increase your listening skills.
  • Dance more often. Listen to your favorite feel good music and dance with your broom when you clean the house, or rake the yard. Who cares who is watching!
  • Read a book. Reading forces a person to relax and be…

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Daily Dose of Crazyness

To be kind is so rare these days…

Everyone has a tit for tat mentality,why can’t we be kind without expecting something in return…

To have a soft heart is something that is looked down upon…

To be emotional and to cry are things ppl are ashamed of…i wonder why

I’m an emotional person and I’m proud of who I am because when I love i love truly with every single part of me and when I hurt I hurt with my heart…

I try to think good of the people that hurt me tons of times because I believe people can change because everyone deserves a 2nd chance in life…

Even the worst of people because no one is perfect…
No1…but we all are trying

So I am a soft hearted person who crys at the smallest of things…but that’s only because I care deeply and love truly♥


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