In A Messy World

I’ve been unwell for the past two weeks.
I’d been staying up at nights, coughing through the long hours,
my fever rising,
and my bin overflowing with snotty tissues.

I’m still not 100%, but today has been one of the good days – mentally.

I was getting ready to have a nice, long bath.
I got undressed and I stood in front of the mirror.
I acknowledged that I am alive and I am breathing.
It’s one of the rare times I do this;
To acknowledge this and actually feel like it means something
rather than telling myself it for the sake of it.

I studied myself carefully.
My face. My body.
I studied the spots on my face;
I studied my eyebrows;
my brown eyes;
my nose;
and my lips.
I touched my face and felt its softness.
I traced my finger down my nose and all over…

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