Rethinking Life

Photo from Pixabay

She lived alone on a very small planet…the only person, in the only house.  Her name was Minu, at least that’s what she called herself.   In truth, she was simply a She. Her lovely house was warm, cozy and filled with books.  The books kept changing, of course, since the minute she finished one, it faded away and a new one took it’s place.  Still,  the walls were filled with shelves, which were filled with books of every kind.  And if she wanted something in particular, the book simply appeared.  Minu was one of many Shes’.  When her time was up, someone would replace her, just as she had replaced the She before her. There always had been and there always would be a She, since that’s who held the universe together.  When Minu read a book it became part of reality and when she dreamed…

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