Wonder what it would have been like

If things had just gone right.

If I had just taken chances

And played a different tune with my circumstances.

I know I messed up so many opportunities

To see life without these insecurities.

I wonder, had I beaten a different path

If I’d be free from this wrath

That consumes me at times

And sends me reeling inside.

Guess I’ll never know,

And that’s what tortures me so.

Lack of knowledge is a curse,

Which cannot be offset by anything worse.

These aspects I’ll never know

Circle around my mind like blowing snow,

Freezing me deep in my core,

Making life difficult forever more.

If only I could see

What those chances would have got me;

Maybe then I could finally have closure

To issues that see no exposure.

But I’m just venting after all

Because solving everything is impossible.

But I…

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