Walk with me on my journey of illness to the road of happiness and a life of fulfillment

Every minute of every day
I try like hell to remain sane
Enjoying the simple pleasures in life
I want nothing more than to dance in the rain

My lifeline is wearing thin
I’m tired
I’m uncertain
I just cannot win

I can’t catch a break
I can’t catch my breath
Round and around in a circle
The dance of death

The days are long
Nights are short
Same ole story
Same damn song

All hope, lost
A slippery slope
Nearing the end
Of my tattered rope

Trying is tiring
And to no avail
The truth of the matter
I’m slowly expiring

Time is hurried
Yet death is drawn-out
Rushing and Panicked
Always worried

Chronic illness
A full-time job
No days off, no breaks
Struggles and overtime
No tolerance for careless mistakes

Chasing positivity
Like a dog chasing its tail
Becoming weak and fatigued
Delicate and frail

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