Sumyanna Writes

Darksky (3)
The words withered away today
long, heartfelt pauses stroked against my thoughts
it was a combination, of not wanting to feel and feeling too much
and I drunk in the darkness of obsolescence.
My eyes could not conjure fairy tales from cotton candy clouds
instead, my heart was lost in the recesses of graying clouds against the landscape.
It was heavy, this load I begged to carry, or perhaps it begged to carry me through.
My bones ached, my legs were bent and my song refused to carry a tune
but fortunately, it is not always like this – for often my eyes are willing to see
the glory of a rising sun, perfectly brushed in soothing hues
I can hear the wind dance across the boughs of trees, shaking newly grown leaves
I listen to their dance as well as the looming stretch of summer rains across the horizon

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