Sumyanna Writes

night (2)

I lost myself
on the shores
of California
sank my feet
beneath her sands
and contemplated
the rippling image
of moonlight
across each crest of waves.
I sung along
with the undying heartbeat
of their rolling passage
to foreign shores.
I lost myself
near the shores
of Johnson creek
where the walking bridge
is draped in moonlight
and the sound
of frogs and crickets
sing a soft serenade
to the stars.
There, I walk in silence
and bask in the glow
of a thousand stars
contemplating the peace
within my heart
at these moments,
swept away
by water’s gentle trickle
or her falling crescendo
upon silent rocks and sands
I feel her gentle hum
strum away
at my heartstrings
I am swept…
I am swept away
by her beauty still
if only, in remembrance.

© Sumyanna 2017

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