Expression of a Serenity lover

It’s time to say goodbyes.

Say goodbyes to start every new.

Goodbyes to all those pieces of younger me that failed to take care of myself. .

Goodbyes to the ones that are reason for the fragments of my younger self.

Goodbyes to all the demons that haunted me.

Goodbyes to all those friends who never felt hard to keep up with me.

Goodbyes to all my bad habits.

Goodbyes to lazy Sundays.

Goodbyes to all my depressive feelings and situations.

Goodbyes to all the screams at nights and sleeps in the days.

Goodbyes to all the fake commitments.

Goodbyes to friends no more than strangers.

Goodbyes to all the kisses I had.

Goodbyes to my dreadful procrastination.

Goodbyes to the love that hit me hard with faded memories, horrid shadows and scented breezes.

Goodbyes to hard feelings.

Goodbyes to humiliation.

Goodbyes to the cute crushes

Goodbyes to the monotonous…

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