I sacrificed my time and privacy for the investigation, and ended up seeing the not-so-pretty true colors of those I knew. And at what cost? He was not held accountable for a single violation (out of six). I put so much on the line, legally even because he had a lawyer that could be scheming God-knows-what (that maybe I’m actually the rapist here?!).

How can we not take every reported assault seriously? Do people not understand how hard it is to report in the first place? To share such intimate details and be interrogated and even harassed? Yes, some reports are not true. Statistically, it has been found that this is often the result of women being ashamed of their sexual endeavors. But let us look at why they are ashamed. Because society has taught us that a promiscuous and sexually confident woman is a “slut”. We slut-shame left and right, while men are commended for their promiscuity, and it is even a competition among them. I am not defending individuals that lie about being assaulted/raped—it is a horrible thing—I am being devil’s advocate and trying to show the underlying issue in this sexist, patriarchal world. How can we be so terrible towards women, when we all have mothers, grandmothers, many have sisters and daughters. Women contribute to half of the human population, and we treat them with such hatred and oppression.



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