SoulFullHeart Way Of Life


Through the misty waters I see your shore

The banks of your once hidden palace

The veil has become thinned

Through the clearing of our once wounded hearts

I stand upon my gallant ship with treasures unsold

It was a time for me to lose and find myself once more

To remember all that I had left behind

Yet never denied

I fought my battles and learned many lessons

But it is time for a new adventure

A new embarkation to a sensual destination

Where the wild winds of ember flows

Into the starry night sky of the distant unknown

May I step closer to you with my hand stretched out?

To hold your gentle caress upon my love pulsed chest

May I bring my You-starved lips upon your silken rows?

To taste your rose petal laced skin

Along the highway of your sweetly browned silhouette?

The memories of our…

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