Sumyanna Writes


I wish that I could
crawl upon
the passage of time
and hold my hand
in gentleness
when the times
were rough.
How many times
had I needed
a knowing, sympathetic passenger
to lay my tears upon,
I could trust –
when no one else
desired the difficult task
but all of us
must climb our own
insurmountable goals perhaps,
unhindered by hands
that hold us up.
We must learn to crawl
and then to walk
and then to run
straight forward
into the mess
that is ourselves.
No matter
the barraging winds that blew,
how long we felt
held under torrential rain,
or how our hearts were left
in a barren desert of kindness,
we held on
and we continue holding
and despite the tears,
the pain,
and the constant gnawing
hunger of our hearts,
we have learned gentleness
at the feet of beasts.

© Sumyanna 2017


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