Putting My Feet in the Dirt

stone-174038_960_720You used to be enough

Now something has changed

My heart feels broken

My life rearranged


Can I pick up the pieces

Find every last one

Can you finish in me

The work which you’d begun


I’m tired of feeling lost

And I’ve searched everywhere

But no matter how hard I try

You just don’t seem to be there


I’m losing this battle

Defeated by my very own will

There’s nothing left inside me

This is just how I feel


I seek you night and day

Giving everything I’ve got

Still it always seems

As if it’s all for naught


I wonder if we will ever have

The relationship we once did

Or perhaps my unrighteousness

Is just too much to forgive



Written by, Michelle Cook

There are times when we can feel so separated from God.  It can seem as if we…

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