Scattered sentences

this poem of mine appeared on InWords last month .

When anxiety invites you to sup,

You pour out your fears in a cup.
and bring it to your lips,
And as your hand comes up –
You try,
In vain,
To stop those scalding sips.

You try, to let go, and though
It’s looking easy,It doesn’t feel light.
And as you sit there feeling queasy,

You’re fraught with shaky fright,
That this beast, tonight –
Isn’t a monster hiding under your bed
For you to discover to be invisible at last –
But the elephant in the room,
Behind your forehead,
That accelerates your fears.

Too much,
Too fast.

You swallow.
And as you wallow
In the belief that the world is ending,
Tell yourself you’re only spending
20 minutes.

That’s just as long as a human body can panic.
So even though you’re in a manic frenzy

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