Poesy plus Polemics


contemporary-artwork “Ocean IV” by Tia McDermid


oceans call me
cast their voices
on limitless
stretches of sand
and washed stone
breakers heave
tides of sighs
implore my return
to beginnings
to places so old
and so deep
no remembrance
survives from the
effortless traumas
of watery birth
slow surprising
recursive events
of creation
directly conceived
simple sparks
of complexity
fixing the form
that gave life
to the mind
of the world

oceans call me
as if to say
now would be right
to step into the sea
swim and dive
down and down
to those origins
underneath time
to return
would mean
I might remember
and in the
I could forget
whom I am
free to think
once and only again
of just whom
I would
rather become

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