Sumyanna Writes


I wait

for stillness

to rest between my thoughts

for the words to come

lay playfully on my lips

I will whisper them

to a silent audience

firmly intent

on allowing the words

to wind themselves

around my soul.

In curiosity,

I want to feel them

traipse across my tongue

I want to savor

the flow of lines expressed

like the washing of waves

upon the shore

and still,

I want to hear them

lingering on the wind

when my heart seeks solace

of a sympathetic friend.

So for now,

I count the moments

when I am able,

once again

to allow those words

to spill forth

from my heart.

This art, it seems

is an unfinished business

and once one line

is carved upon my veins

I cannot help, but beg for more.

In it, is my undoing

and while undone –

I seek to take

the pieces of…

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