Sweet Dreams & Rude Awakenings

They think they know you
They pretend to show their care
They simulate reaction required
Claiming you to be so rare

Beware of the leery
You’ve been there before
The ones unwilling to share none more
Inhibiting what love was really in store

Others to excite & quick to temper
Those are a no event’er
Never to sign in as a member
No need for their name to remember

Some debonair, w/their flashy wares
Audacious and careless in most all ways
Their grandiose outlandish displays
Wasting your time & energy always

Bad boys can surely bring it on
Sexually seething in their strengths
Thinking above the law & never wrong
Unfeathered soul never to truly belong

Bottom line:

They all just wanna fuck at least 1x
To conquer a caged; how staged
They really think to take what it was
She so freely gave away

She spies all the different…

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