Sumyanna Writes

This is another poem written specifically for fourteen lines. I am still finding myself within these constraints, but I have to admit I am truly enjoying the results. Sometimes, stretching yourself allows you to see places where you can grow…


In the beginning, we were all naked.
We flailed our arms, trying to grasp at meaning
And with slowly maturing eyes, we moaned, we cried, we wept with joy.
There were moments of untold happiness
There were times when we never knew our fill of sorrow
And as we cultivated the answers,
Of who am I, what am I, and what shall I be
We slowly unveiled the beauty of our hearts
And learned to unravel the hidden narrative beneath our emotional landscape.
We have been dealt scars that silently weep beneath our skin
But we have found the strength within our veins
To be thankful for the delicate dance…

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