Anxiety gripping me again.

When will it ever end?

I just want to talk

Without feeling like I’m going to balk,

Or spill my guts out

In one huge ball of doubt.

They say that animals sense fear,

But I think when people are near

They can sense in me as well

The kind of emotional hell

That travels through my veins

All the way up to my brain,

Sending me mixed signals again

And requiring my poor head.

When will it all stop

And the doubts stop?

I hope soon

Because I feel the doom

Creeping over me

Like some nightmarish memory,

Come to rob me of my will

And the anxiety persists still.

I have no choice but to confront it,

Even if I want to escape it,

So I’ll march headlong into the fire

And face the forces conspired.

It will not overcome me;

Not fear, not…

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