Long is the road, that you all ready know,
And it needs to be traveled alone,
Not to find a brand new glow,
But to sit on your own throne.

You hid behind the wall for far too long,
Now your senses are trying to guide you,
That is the reason why you will never belong;
You see beyond the veil of smoke…….YOU!!!
You see beyond the blue of the sky, you are one of the few.

Listen to every single one of your senses,
Lay down the mask that you were pressured to wear,
And escape to a different dimension;
I promise you, nobody will stare.

Long is the road, that you already knew,
But being alone is not so bad when you have yourself.
Go all the way, I promise you, you will become new,
And you will never be a simple book on a dusty shelf.


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