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By Kelley Gonzalez

The depression is everywhere. leaking on the floors, staining the walls, dripping off everything i touch.

Woke up this morning. Felt fine til my feet hit the floor. Stepped in some depression. Can’t get it off my foot so it follows me all morning while i try to get my daughter ready for school.

It touches everything i need to touch. Bumped into some on the wall now its on my shoulder weighing me down.

Now i can barely walk. Its on both feet now. Creeping along both shoulders. I’m trying to get along with the day.

Every new thing i touch gets hit with the depression. It was happy and had a purspose and now it doesn’t.

It doens’t mean anything. I’m trying to get my daily chores done, its on my hands, weighing on fingers making them unworkable and numb.

I try to make phone calls but…

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