When I' m With You... Whitney Ibe Blog!


When you want to smile and end up sighing
When life seems like an uphill task
Frustration and pain takes over
Life has a way of bringing the worst out of every one
When things seems worst don’t quit.

You may feel dead inside
You may feel like crying
You want joy but tears won’t stop rolling down your cheeks
Memories and scars all fail to fade away
Tried, leaving but end up coming back
Cry if you must to but don’t you quit

Be inspired
Be bold
Embrace your obstacles
They only make you stronger
Be grateful
Be wise
Whatever you do, don’t quit


You are powerful
You are needed
You are a warrior, act like one!
You are amazing, glorious, fabulous,
You are uniquely spectacular
Life beams brighter because you are here
You belong here
You are God’s masterpiece.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire…

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