Healing Gold


I feel as if I’m an expert on this topic, because I’ve been my own obstacle for the longest… And I can speak about this from the bottom of my heart, don’t become a victim of your own comfort. 

Comfort Zone Quotes - A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but n

Really, I know it’s amazing to be comfortable,  you  get use to putting out the bare minimum for the same results…And it becomes your norm.

But, the norm can get boring…

If you were stuck, like me you probably still are stuck trying to gather yourself, you’ll eventually see that  you haven’t accomplished any of your main goals. That life is passing you by, and you no longer can tell Monday apart from Friday…(Seriously, no joy in looking forward to the weekends anymore, bummer).

And that’s just not acceptable! Especially if you really want so much more for yourself!

Ask yourself the following and after you ask/answer ask why!:

  • When…

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