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flying_seed1 Flying seeds glowing like fireworks. Photograph by Yuhu Tama.

Forever within a cocoon,
floating in the cream of self-doubt,
I slowly became a loon.

Shoved from above so high,
dragged by a rough tide of wind,
I found no wings to fly.

Rejected and alone,
I begged the wind to help,
It smiled and flung me down.

Consumed by the mighty Earth,
I opened myself to defeat,
But at my very Center, was the sign of re-birth.

The fall was a kiss by success,
for I knew not, that I was a flying seed,
born to grow, prosper and give, no less.

With a Jiggle of delight,
shoots of hope sprouted,
my roots of faith, drove away all fright.

The key is to realize,
who you really are,
all other fears are just mere lies.


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