Putting My Feet in the Dirt

sadness-1344994_960_720The rhythmic song and dance

Was none other than a two-faced lie

She wished she’d seen it sooner

Before she kissed her other friends goodbye

Yet being young and immature

She’d only considered one thing

She hadn’t contemplated the cost

Of what alienating her friends might bring

She neglected what was really important

The friends who had stood by her side

And after the heartache was over

There was nobody left in which to confide

Some lessons are hard to learn

When we’re inexperienced and naïve

It’s often a very hard concept

For budding minds to even conceive

Written by, Michelle Cook

*Based on a conversation with my teenage daughter.  Growing up can be so very hard.  My advice to her… always cherish each and every friend, and never choose one over the other.

The Daily Post prompt – Rhythmic

Photo credit: pixabay.com

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