wear your tragedies as armour not shackles

PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression is something that has been forced into hiding in the shadows of society for a long time. There has even been times where I have listened to conversations of people expressing their beliefs that it has become more of an easy diagnosis, or trend. Something for people to place blame on for their everyday hurdles that seem too large to overcome.

I can personally say, this is not true. Everyone has a story, and learning to hear their story is what matters. Humans are emotional beings, we experience emotions in different ways, and our bodies regulate them differently. Some, better than others.

I was clinically diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, where if you don’t already know, allow me to inform you: some of the time the three come hand in hand. They can be complimentary additions to one another. Only, it’s not complimentary at all…

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