If you have been reading this searching for happiness series on Scale it Simple then you may be under the impression that my views on searching for happiness include actually finding pure happiness, free from pain or suffering.

Perhaps in an oddly perfect world. In a perfect world, no one would suffer, no one would feel pain or heartbreak. In that perfect world, no one would grow, gather wisdom, be able to practice the beautiful human emotions of compassion or empathy either. You see through our suffering we can connect with each other and ourselves in the most amazing and transformative ways.

For this reason, suffering is one of the most powerful and important emotions in our lives.

To be honest, once upon a time I thought that my life would be truly perfect if I did not suffer. I was once nieve enough to believe that happiness was the…

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7 thoughts on “Share: “Searching for Happiness – The Value of Suffering”

  1. Very true and a wise post = made me think of how often depressed people are ‘condemned’ for being depressed like it’s a choice. It’s my opinion few if any would ever choose such a perspective but I also don’t believe depression is something you can ‘cure’ easily if at all when it’s not due to a situation (bereavement etc) because it’s like saying ‘let’s change how we view the world entirely’ which yes, maybe some can do but most of us are who we are, and as such if you see the sadness in the world and it is that coupled with not seeing distractions like football as appeasing that intrinsic sadness, then you’re going to for the most part, view the world and life as ‘suffering’ with respites of joy/happiness. That’s how I view the world it’s not because I do not acknowledge others are happy maybe even most of the time, nor that I don’t wish I had that perspective, but since I was a kid I opened my eyes and I saw the world and this is what I saw. I’m not sure that is cultural, genetic, learned or can be un-learned through behavioral or cognitive ‘therapy’ I think it’s the mortar of our soul, some have different souls, some seem to be able to live on the ‘froth of the daydream’ whilst others can ‘make the best of it’ and others ‘endure’ and others are sorrow laiden. I would say, it helps nobody who is ever depressed whether short or long term, to be condemned for it, so I always welcome different perspectives that don’t being with ‘if you just wanted to be happy you could make it so’ xxxxx

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    1. Your comments are always so insightful, and I am always so glad whenever you share your thoughts here. I absolutely agree with the fact that the mentally ill should never be condemned for simply being ill. I have heavily misunderstood even by professionals, and was once hospitalized against my will by my college. All my belongings were taken from me (including phone and phone numbers), and I felt like I was being further victimized as an individual with depression and PTSD from sexual assaults. It felt like I was being shipped off to some 1950’s insane asylum. It did absolutely nothing to ‘fix’ me, and actually made me much worse. I cannot imagine how many people have gone through this, particularly at colleges where administrations automatically associate mental illness with school shootings. Condemning a person with any kind of illness is a sign of ignorance and cowardice, and there should be no room for it in the 21st century by now.

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      1. So true. I know quite a number who had such an experience. How is this ‘helping’ someone who is suffering? Isn’t it really punishing them? Imprisoning them? On the flip-side, I knew a girl who claimed she was Bipolar and probably was but high-functioning, she used the system and actually went into hospital so she could get lots of money on disability it really was wrong as she was perfectly capable of working (more than most) and very stable and yet she wanted to loaf off and not work so she conned the system and now lives on disability whilst others who really need it, are denied it. She also gets VA benefits despite being in the military ‘basics’ training for less than 5 weeks, she goes around lying about it, and gets free medical care because she convinced them she got sick as a result of her experiences in the military, another lie, she has lived off others for years and makes a living off it, I feel that is as wrong as not helping those who really need help or forcing people to be helped in ways that may be bad for them such as your own experience which only exacerbated your terror as it would anyone.

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      2. Wow, that is so unfair! That’s completely abusing the system. You are so right- that’s taking away from the people who actually deserve that kind of help. It also disgusts me when people pretend to be victims of rape or domestic violence (and wrongfully accuse others), which also ruins it for those who tell the truth.

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      3. Very true, well said! I was upset that I saw her take the piss like that, especially as I had other friends who couldn’t get disability! But isn’t that always the case? I’d say it was. Money buys benefits sometimes … you’re so true, those who lie about being raped mess it up for EVERYONE who tells the truth 😦 xxxxxxxx

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