For this Flashback Friday moment, I would like to take you back to a time when all I knew was hopelessness and depression. From age 9, to age 23, I struggled with depression and major abandonment issues, that haunted every corner of my existence.

It wasn’t until this year, 2014, that I finally came to terms with the truth of where it all started.

It was summer time, 1998, and I’d just turned 9 years old. It must have been less than 2 weeks after my ninth birthday, because I remember it was still August and right before school time. I also remember considering the irony of the fact that, I would meet the man that donated sperm to create my existence, right after my birthday; particularly because, he’d never even said happy birthday to me.

I remember thinking, “I wonder if he even knows my birthday?”

Actually, now that…

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