When friends abandon PTSD victims because it’s too much for them to handle. Feeling abandoned?

There are many variables in answering this question, each dependent upon individual situations.

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5 thoughts on “Share: “Abandonment by friends”

  1. So true. I went through a dark spell and I noticed two ‘friends’ whom I had made online writing, who kept protesting that they cared so much, quickly let go. It was for the exact reasons you describe. Surely another reason why those suffering from PTSD or depression or both, are further isolated, because people seem to lie all the time and say they can handle it when clearly they want to run at the first sign of anything.


    1. I experienced something similar, except that I lost 90% of my friends because I was a student on a small campus where everything spread and I was suddenly a highly unstable and a liar when I came forward about PTSD as a result of relationship rape. It is very difficult to trust others already when you are mentally ill, and so when you do, and they ditch you, it makes everything so much worse. People with mental illness need social support the most.

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      1. God it is so hard to trust when you are mentally ill and have been betrayed I totally hear you and understand that as I myself feel much the same way. It is just the courage of your inner soul and heart that you lift up into the light and want to be change. I know you will succeed because you want that so much and there is nothing better than a purpose and having gone through the darkness into the light you understand that in a way few will

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      2. You would be a better therapist for having had those experiences. Often you will be told ‘you could not possibly understand’ and when you have walked in those shoes you know you can and you will be able to mine those experiences to help others, exactly as you intend.

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