sexual_abuse under 16 Courtesy: PostSecret.com

I remember this time when I was about 12 years old, while at the pool, and a boy, who was more like a young man, was dunking me in the water. I remember it was all fun and games for the first few dunks. It was around the third or fourth dunk that things got weird. He began holding me longer and much tighter against his body, before dunking me.

The next thing I knew, I began feeling something super unfamiliar. It was clearly inside of his shorts, in between his legs, and it was suddenly rubbing up against my thigh and butt. It was the last time I allowed him to dunk me, when, out of nowhere, instead of throwing me in the water, he forcefully snatched my hand and stuffed in his swimming trunks.

As he moved my hands down his trunks, toward the hard thing…

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