Parenting Ponderings

I am so sick of being sorry. I used to think it was a me thing. But now I am sure it is a woman thing. I am sorry for so much that it basically equates to being sorry for my own existence. I am so sorry I am here, contributing, quite frankly, rather awesomely, to this planet and raising two human beings and working and thinking and loving. What a waste of resources. Do I really feel that way? Do women really feel that way? We must.

I’m sorry flows out of my mouth without thinking. I’m sorry has become my verbal equivalent to breathing.

I apologize when I think I’m in someone’s way. When I think I’m stepping on someone’s toes. When someone is actually in my way, or bumps me, or talks over me. When I feel inadequate as a wife, mother, or human. For having faults…

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