I am completely unaware of myself


“Only a girl” they called her
But they didn’t know about how she screams
How pain is relevant in her mind especially during in her dreams when your fingers are intertwined
She wanted to be devastatingly beautiful that would make your body shake when you see her
But how could she when she was “only a girl”
Her hands collected every sin under the cover of her skin, filled with great regret
As she’s dead set in filling your mouth with blood after

But you underestimate her and how she holds galaxies in her palms
How the sun has kissed her skin and how her words are like bombs
Surprising you with each word she speaks, that you’re actually starting to see that she’s not “only a girl”

She’s an enigma surrounded by mortal flaw and fatal sins
You see now that people are born so that they could die…

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