How disappointing and disgusting…This truly ruins it for those of us who tell the truth about such things. How selfish.

Anything is possible with coffee and mascara

I love a good fix of Jeremy Kyle; especially when I can’t sleep.

BUT, when there is a lady on there, who has accused not one, but TWO gentlemen (HER OWN FATHER AND BROTHER) of rape, went through an investigation, and then came clean that she was lying.. I’m disgusted.

For someone who has actually been through something traumatic like that, and to hear that someone has LIEDabout it, makes my stomach turn. How sadistic and psychologically damaged can someone be, to do that? Not only those poor, innocent men, but to individuals, men and women, who have that weight on their shoulders and are;

1. Too scared to talk about it.

2. Speaking up but it hasn’t been taken further.

3. Currently going through investigations.

Not only is that woman now judged by the entire world, but those men had to go through a period of their lives…

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