My mystery man.

I am filled with love.

We have been seeing each other for over half a year now. Going at a slow and comfortable pace, we have come to know each other inside and out. There has been no rush, no pressure, and no confusion about where we stand. We became best friends first. I never knew I could love someone so much, and be loved so much. This is how I expected a relationship to be. It is unfortunate that unconditional love and/or support are not so common. But I have finally found it.

But I sometimes feel so guilty for my past occasionally making an appearance in our present. There are sad days that are harder than others. But he is too kind to let me carry the burden on my own. From the beginning, he was there for me, physically and emotionally. He even reached out and met with a lawyer for me, in his short free time. He is done with college now, working full time doing cancer research, applying to med schools, and he still makes time for me of his own accord. I never ask him for anything. He does this because he will do anything for the people he loves. This gentle, kind soul is so patient when I am still hesitant and scared of certain things. I am never, ever intimidated by him. I never feel less than him. Occasionally, yes, we disagree. (Typical wealthy Republican and the poor immigrant Democrat). But we respect and listen to one another, and we never try to change each other. He listens to me, and so I always listen to him. (It is so easy to just respect another human being). We are honest and loyal. We are equals.

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